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Business Case SITE Midwest Spring Roadshow Sponsorship


What do you get?

  • Interaction with Qualified Customers

  • Creative and Top Notch Education

  • Table – With Guaranteed 1:1 Interaction with Qualified Customers

  • Innovative Event Planned 100%

  • Marketing for Event and your Company for 4 weeks prior to event

  • Ability to invite Customers in STL/KCI FREE OF CHARGE


Is it just us, or are you ready to meet FACE TO FACE, safely with your Industry Customers and Peers?

SITE Midwest understands the challenges involved with planning an event:

Finding the right venue, building the budget, getting approvals, inviting the right clients, finding the right date, and ensuring that all attendees have an amazing experience while still maintaining the safety protocols in place for each State as well as the Federal Government. Oh yeah…and sell your services while you are at it.  It’s enough to make us all want to turn this process over to someone else.  The great news is, SITE Midwest is HAPPY and WILLING with an amazing team of volunteers. to take on all the work of planning an amazing experience for you and your guests, so you have only to walk into the event and do what you do best….NETWORK and SELL!  Buyers are welcome complimentary (THERE IS A LIMIT DUE TO COVID REGULATIONS) and Suppliers are welcome if they are Sponsoring the event!


Sponsorship Opportunity:

$2,000 for BOTH CITIES:  Kansas City & St. Louis Table Sponsors


May 24th 2021

We kickoff the first SITE Midwest Roadshow in over a year, in Kansas City.  Join us at The Crossroads Hotel where historic and modern architecture meet. Where people from all over and around the corner come together. The energy, creativity and passion that define the city and neighborhood, can call this place home. Crossroads, just like Kansas City, is at its core, about community and connection. At every turn, we tapped local artists, designers and purveyors to share their talent and creativity with us in places public and private. They are offering 10 rooms for suppliers at a special rate of $99.00 so let Mike and Kim know, soonest if you are interested, to confirm your room!


May 25th 2021

In St. Louis, join us at the Angad Arts Hotel, a wholly new hospitality experience that embraces the visual arts, performance, fashion, literature and gastronomy. It is ideally located in the heart of St. Louis’s Grand Center Arts District, and offers superb, gracious hospitality combined with curation of socially inspiring experiences. It is the first hotel in the world where guests can request their luxury accommodations not only by room type, but also by emotion of color.  They are offering 7 rooms for suppliers at a special rate of $85.00 so let Mike and Kim know, soonest  if you are interested to confirm your room!

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